Hi! This is Lance!





できる主なプログラミング言語:C 言語(精通,>10年),Modern C++(熟練掌握,>10年),Python(精通,>4年),x86asm(読める簡単に書ける,>9年),Java(読める書ける,>7年),C#(読める書ける,>6年),PHP(熟練,>12年),EPL(精通,>11年),Ruby(読める書ける,>9年),golang(>1年),OCaml(>1年)



主要可用的自然語言:漢語(正體/簡化字,聽說讀寫)[“徐州話”(母語), “北京話”(≈母語), “廣東話”(讀>寫>聽>說), “上海話”(寫>聽>讀>說), “中古漢語”(讀>寫>說>聽)],日本語(JLPT N1),英語(閱讀專業內文檔和日常簡單對話)

主要使用的計算機語言:C 語言(精通,>10年),現代 C++(熟練掌握,>10年),Python(精通,>4年),x86asm(可閱讀和簡單編寫,>9年),Java(可寫,>7年),C#(可寫,>6年),PHP(熟練,>12年),易語言(精通,>11年),Ruby(可寫,>8年),Go(>1年),OCaml(>1年)



The main natural-language I use: Chinese (My native language, Writing system: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, Dialect: Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Middle Chinese), Japanese (JLPT level N1), English (Read CS professional documents and can do simple conversations)

The main programming language I use: C(mastery, >10 years), Modern C++(skilled, >10 years), Python(mastery, >4 years), x86asm(able, >9 years), Java(able, >7 years), C#(able, >6 years), PHP(skilled, >12 years), EPL(mastery, >11 years), Ruby(able, >9 years), golang(>1 year), OCaml(>1 year)

2018.4~: INIAD (Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Department of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University) Engineering course, now junior year.

Memorable Projects

Lance's Blog (2009~): Records of the trivialities of my life and technical diaries, start at my elementary school days.

NtrQQ (2011~2018): An enhanced plug-in for QQ from 2010. (No longer maintained)

iya.app (NtrQQ Forum, 2012~): Software sharing community forum.

Dynamic picture that Shows your IP (2014~): Dynamic anime picture show your IP and browser info.

Tokyo Planner (2018~): To help you intelligently plan your travel itinerary in Tokyo, you only need to enter the date, hotel information and select the location of your interest. (For Tokyo Traffic Open Data Contest 2018 works, no longer maintained.)

wopal (2020~): Team management system and APP for professional sports teams.

Polijob (2020~): Improve communication efficiency among companies, job seekers, and headhunters.

iHeal (2021~): An IoT smart aroma device, the home network hub.

D2D Asia Member System (2021~): The membership management system of a logistics company.

Felo (2021~): An IM base Next gen All-in-One Collaboration platform.

Party Room (2021~): Online mini game social entertainment platform. (planning)

GitHub: https://github.com/LanceMoe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lance_moe

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0